Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the human resource development activities in nuclear engineering field by providing educational solutions using PC-based simulators.

Our Vision

We think that human resource development in the field of nuclear engineering is one of the most important topics for the sustainable future.

The energy demand is continuing to grow up especially in developing countries. In order to meet the demand, nuclear power is one of the most promising energy sources which does not emit carbon dioxide and exhausted in hundreds years.

In order to realize future programs of nuclear power generation, it is very important to educate the next-generation people who will support the programs. Understanding how nuclear safety is implemented is very important, however it is not simple and easy because nuclear power generation is realized on top of comprehensive technology.

We think it is very important to foster a basic understanding of nuclear safety through “touching and seeing” of physical phenomena in nuclear power plants and reactors. That’s why we develop PC-based simulators by taking advantage of the latest technologies on simulations and visualizations.

Our passion is never exhausted to develop and deliver better solutions.

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